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Medulloblastoma Initiative: Quest for The Cure for Childhood Cancer

By Camila Oliveira

Brazilian Times - November 3, 2023

The businessman from Rio Grande do Sul, Fernando Goldzstein, has been leading a bold and necessary initiative to combat childhood cancer, specifically medulloblastoma, for two years. The Medulloblastoma Initiative (MBI) aims to raise funds for research that seeks to discover a cure for this rare type of cancer that mainly affects children.

Medulloblastoma is considered the most malignant childhood brain tumor of all time, and, to date, science has not identified a definitive cure. Every year, around 30,000 children around the world are diagnosed with this disease, 10,000 of whom do not survive, and the other 20,000 face consequences throughout their lives, due to aggressive treatments.

The inspiration for creating this initiative came from the founder himself, Fernando Goldzstein, whose son Frederico was diagnosed with medulloblastoma around 8 years ago. The journey of fighting for his son's treatment inspired the businessman to look for a way to contribute to the discovery of a cure for this cancer.

To date, more than US$10 million has been raised for the initiative, and the goal is to reach US$15 million by the end of this year, the investment necessary for the development of clinical trials on patients in the United States, Canada, and with Brazil guaranteeing a place in this stage.

The Medulloblastoma Initiative was able to gather financial support for a consortium of 13 laboratories specializing in medulloblastoma research, located in renowned institutions in the United States, Canada and Germany, known as the Cure Group 4 Consortium.

This consortium is made up of a select group of researchers, including three of the world's top five scientists investigating medulloblastoma. In just six months of activity, the group has already made a significant discovery, identifying the probable mechanism of development of the cells that give rise to medulloblastoma.

The 13 laboratories are based at institutions including Children's National Hospital in Washington, Columbia University, the University of Florida, Texas Children's Hospital, SickKids in Canada, McMaster in Canada and Heidelberg University in Germany.

You too can be part of this initiative and help promote life-saving research for children with medulloblastoma. To learn more about the Medulloblastoma Initiative and how to contribute, visit the official website at www.mbinitiative.org.

The Medulloblastoma Initiative is a remarkable example of how the action of a single individual can have a significant impact in the search for a cure for a devastating disease, bringing hope to countless families around the world.

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Original Story: The Brazilian Times