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Brazil-American Chamber of Commerce Webinar

A Novel Approach: Brazil-US Partnerships in Health Science and Human Medicine — was the webinar hosted last Friday,October 27, by the Brazil-American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) featuring the MBI experience! We thank the BACC for the opportunity to showcase our work with the presence of invaluable partners — Entrepreneur William Ling, MBI donor, Ambassador Otávio Brandelli, and Dr. Roger Packer, head of the Cure Group 4 Consortium. Stay tuned for a summary of this event, and check the bio link to learn more about the MBI and how you can contribute.

“In Brazil, there are no incentives for such initiatives at all… the MBI is a rare case of cross border cooperation led by a brazilian citizen to find a solution that will impact the lives of uncountable children and families, and we are proud to be part of it.”

– William Ling

“It’s unprecedented for me in my life in all the 30 years of my career as a diplomat, I never had the opportunity to participate in something that is going to change humanity in the short term.”

– Ambassador Otávio Brandelli

“We knew we were getting a group of people who could work together, who would focus on the problem and would use the best science to give us our best option […] the best option in two years to try to save more children. I’ve been doing this for 40 years, taking care of children with brain tumors. This is an unparalleled opportunity. I wanna take it.”

– Dr. Roger J. Packer

We want to save thousands of lives, and find a better treatment for the kids who are submitted to radiation therapy and very toxic chemotherapy. We want to raise awareness about the lack of research, and maybe we can help other diseases that like medulloblastoma, lack funding. And we want to be a benchmark for other families who could do the same and maybe make a difference.

– Fernando Goldsztein

Check the event highlights here!