Why support the Initiative

The quest for a cure for medulloblastoma

Last saturday (23), MBI founder Fernando Goldsztein participated in the Present-Future session of Snola 2024, the largest scientific event in neuro-oncology in Latin America...

A big step for MBI

On March 6th, wednesday, the story of The Medulloblastoma Initiative (MBI) was presented to the Permanent Council of the OAS (Organization of American States @oea_oficial ) in Washington D.C., during the session dedicated to World Rare Disease Day.

Valued Connections

Decades of innovation, courage, and creativity on the same stage: as alumni of the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil, Fernando Goldsztein (MBI), Dr. Maira Caleff (IMAMA), and Dr. Jorge Audy (Tecnopuc) brilliantly kicked off the first edition of Valued Connections...

Clinical trials just
around the corner

Dr. Duane Mitchell's research includes pioneering clinical studies in medulloblastoma (Re-MATCH) and gliomas (PEACH), which have confirmed the potential of this approach as a platform for cure. In the following interview, Dr. Mitchell...

Guri trophy

In August 2023, the founder of The Medulloblastoma Initiative was honored with the 24th Guri Trophy, a major award created by Grupo RBS, a broadcasting conglomerate in Rio Grande do Sul...